Cassis, France…A Secret Escape on The Riviera

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Cassis is quite possibly France’s best kept secret. A quaint, seaport village in the Provence region of southern France, Cassis sits directly on the Mediterranean, not far from Marseilles, and is a less expensive alternative to its big sisters St. Tropez, Nice, and Cannes.

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This picturesque village, is known for its colorful buildings and beautiful Calanques (narrow, cliffside inlets that dot the Mediterranean coastline and offer spectacular views) is an endearing romantic getaway for couples who love the beach, but also crave Riviera cultural activities and water sports.

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Things to do in Cassis: explore the wonderful waterfront cafes, the quaint harbor, the market in the central square, or the vineyards which are a short ride outside of town and harvest the best Rose in France. For beach lovers, Cassis may be French paradise.  There are several to choose from (more than six) each with its own unique offerings. You can also venture on a day hike through the unspoiled national parks, take a river boat tour of the cliffside Calanques, or you can take a day trip to nearby Marseilles or Aix-en-Provence. Whatever you decide, Cassis is a great home base from which you can explore nearby towns, or relax and bask on one of its own sun-soaked beaches.


Photo credits: Krista Jones, Mackenzie Horan

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