Fall Decorating With Pretty Pumpkins

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Natural foliage and seasonal vegetation are beautiful ways to incorporate autumnal décor elements into your celebration. However, I have always found it tricky to work successfully with pumpkins. Although they are the icon of the season, it can be difficult to achieve that soft, romantic look we all adore. So imagine my delight when I happened upon these beauties created by my talented friend, Jennelise Rose. They are quite possibly the prettiest pumpkins this “Beloved” heart has ever seen, and here Jennelise is sharing exactly how you can achieve this romance-inspired look for your fall celebrations.

“My personal decorating style revolves around pastels, so whatever the season or occasion the palette will be soft.” (This is why we love her so much!).

“Rather than create a harvest-theme I wanted to make something soft and whimsical, and maybe a little fairytale-ish. I bought small pumpkins in cream and orange. I painted the orange ones a lavender-pink, or white, and the cream I left as they were. I also painted the stems a soft gold. Then I just “played” with them. I drew tiny designs with my artist pens, sprinkled glitter, and painted polka dots and stripes. The end result was subtle and pretty.

“I drew tiny designs with my artist pens, sprinkled glitter and painted polka dots and stripes.”


“The end result was subtle and pretty”

Jennelise adds, “I think it would be wonderful to do something similar with medium or large sized pumpkins! How simple and elegant to tie a string of tulle to the stem, dot the sides with vintage rhinestones, or paint tiny curlicues in gold. It would definitely bring a little “magic” to any style of wedding decor!”.

I agree 100%. Warm hugs and a big thank you for sharing my friend. Please be sure to visit Jennelise at her gorgeous blog and Etsy shoppe. Warning: Make sure you are settled in with a tall cup of tea and quite a few biscuits because you’ll be there a while!

Artist: Jennelise Rose
Jennelise Etsy
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