Trend Watch: Naked Cakes For Every Occasion…

Nov 23, 2016 | Decor and Design

These beauties bring a fresh look to a wedding without being overly complicated or forced. A naked wedding cake is almost like a breath of fresh air in the landscape of a wedding—a simple yet stunning piece of art that you can feast on with both your eyes and yes, later, your tummy. These dreamy masterpieces are alluring, all while allowing for the natural beauty of the cake to shine through. There are no pretenses with a naked wedding cake. There’s no overdoing them—they just are. And what they are is, may we say it? Ethereal. Dreamy. Their simplicity speaks volumes, down to every scrumptiously frosted layer and effortlessly placed embellishment. In this feature we’ve gathered for you some photographs of deliciously exquisite naked wedding cakes to dream (and maybe drool) over. May your hearts and tummies be inspired, dear friends!

sarahelizabethdunnfallnakedcake001youlooklovelyphotography seminakedcake002 seminakedcake001fallmininakedcakes001mininakedcake004 mibellephotography kristen-curette-photographyRuffled - photo by - autumnnakedcake001 crystal-stokes-photography elysiarootcakes





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