The Greatest Gift…

Aug 2, 2017 | Themes, Uncategorized

“When the beauty of your soul kisses your heart you will know true love.
Its bliss and unconditional sweetness will leave you forever changed.”
-Judy Secore

Once again we have the honor of featuring the photographic art of Whitney Heard on the pages of our journal. With an artful and seasoned eye, and inspired by a love of her own, (her hometown!), she captured these poignant images of new beginnings, and literally made our hearts sing

The sweet little lamb – just beginning its life’s journey – being tenderly embraced by a newly married couple whose partners are of different ethnicities, speaks to me of how true love, at its core, knows no boundaries. It’s an experience so freeing that we give with no expectation of reciprocity. We don’t know where it will lead, but we go willingly, trusting this inexplicable desire to open our hearts wide and love fearlessly, unconditionally and with complete abandon.  With true love there is no beginning, middle or end; there is just as Whitney calls it an “adventure that awaits us” and fills our hearts and souls with indescribable joy.

“This was the first time the lamb was out of the barn. It had never seen the sun before!” – Whitney Heard

Whitney-Heard-Photography-Haliburton-Styled-Shoot-Web-Previdew-1916Whitney-Heard-Photography-Haliberton-StyledShoot-Film-000084150006Whitney-Heard-Photography-Haliberton-StyledShoot-Film-000084210003Whitney-Heard-Photography-Haliberton-StyledShoot-Film-000084190015Whitney-Heard-Photography-Haliberton-StyledShoot-Film-000084160006Whitney-Heard-Photography-Haliburton-Styled-Shoot-Web-Previdew-1647 Whitney-Heard-Photography-Haliburton-Styled-Shoot-Web-Previdew-1631Whitney-Heard-Photography-Haliberton-StyledShoot-Film-000084190004Whitney-Heard-Photography-Haliberton-StyledShoot-Film-000084200013Whitney-Heard-Photography-Haliburton-Styled-Shoot-Web-Previdew-1876Whitney-Heard-Photography-Haliberton-StyledShoot-Film-000084210016

Photography: Whitney Heard
Dress: Catherine Langlois
Hair and Makeup: Amanda Zack
Flowers: Living Fresh
Bride: Leah Corrie
Groom: Deji
Film Processing: The Find Lab

Venue: Boisvert Barns, Haliburton, Ontario Canada












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