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In the beginning my little etsy shop ‘Jennelise Rose’ was born out of a desire to showcase my artwork which, like everything I love, is feminine and whimsical. It didn’t take long for me to branch into vintage treasures and handmade creations and my shop has become a place for me to find like-minded people on the hunt for that special something – be it a piece of hand painted china, a lace flower, or their own name hand drawn in curling letters and dripping with tiny depictions of their favourite things. I am inspired in so many ways! A vintage dress in a shop window will become a drawing in my sketchbook, a tattered piece of lace will find its way into one of my handmade wreaths, a basket full of old dusty chandelier crystals at a flea market will be polished till they shine and can hang glittering from one of my ribbon work ornaments. I am always looking for inspiration and I hope that as you visit my shop you will be inspired too!

Jennelise Rose


a romantic fine art wedding journal

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